OWH Paperback Cover with borderOur White House: Looking In, Looking Out is the extraordinary, award-winning anthology that will ignite young people’s interest in our nation’s past, as well as provoke them to thoughtfully consider our future!

A creative tour de force, Our White House features the work of 110 award-winning contributors who donated original art, poetry, nonfiction, historical fiction, and personal essays to help the NCBLA promote both literacy and historical literacy. Equally suited for home and classroom use, Our White House is interdisciplinary in nature and multicultural in outlook. It stands on its own as an innovative concept covering 200 years of American history, but it also serves as a gateway book, inspiring young people to read more about our country’s rich heritage and culture. Our White House offers readers of all ages a vibrant way of looking at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – at the people who built it, have lived in it, and have been touched by it – and at the role we citizens have played in keeping it at the center of our astonishingly resilient and extraordinary democracy. This unprecedented anthology offers a dynamic view of American history that we hope will inspire young readers on their journeys to becoming the civic leaders of tomorrow!

To expand and complement the content of the Our White House book, the NCBLA has also published a companion educational website OurWhiteHouse.org, which includes additional primary and secondary source materials and articles, activities, and discussion questions related to book and website topics. Also included is an American history resource and literacy center, a guide to presidential field trip destinations, and an extensive young people’s bibliography.

First published by Candlewick Press in 2008, Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out is available in both hardcover and paperback. The paperback edition features new material from the historic election of 2008. Ask for Our White House at a library or bookstore near you!