Miriam Glassman

Author Miriam Glassman recommends P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams-Garcia. “The sequel to the Newbery Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Award winner One Crazy Summer, P.S. Be Eleven stands on its own as a wonderfully funny and moving story of three African-American sisters growing up in the turbulent world of the 1960’s. Time and place are vividly evoked in this character-driven story that grabs readers from its opening pages and takes them back to the days of The Black Panthers, Women’s Rights, and The Jackson 5. Full of humor and heart, Williams-Garcia has written a beautiful, layered story, rich with characters who feel so real and true, you wish you could be their pen pals. P.S. This surely is one terrific book!”

P.S. Be Eleven (Amistad Press, 2013) is recommended for ages 8-12.

Be sure to check out Glassman’s book Call Me Oklahoma!, written and illustrated by Glassman (Holiday House, 2013), and her picture book, Halloweena, illustrated by Victoria Roberts (Atheneum, 2002).

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