There are thousands of educators, academics, child development and reading professionals, librarians, literature specialists, critics, publishers, authors, and illustrators – as well as a wide variety of professional organizations – in the young people’s literacy and book community. The array of experts can be quite confusing, especially to those outside the field.

Information and Expertise

We will do everything we can to give you the right information and expertise you need to do your job in an accurate and timely fashion. If for some reason we feel you would be better served by speaking to a fellow professional with a more pointed expertise, we will make a recommendation and help you contact the most appropriate professional person and/or organization within our larger professional community.

Young People’s Authors and Illustrators

If you would like to contact an author or illustrator for a comment; an interview; or a radio, television, or web cast appearance related to literacy, literature, library, or first amendment issues; we can make an informed recommendation that will suit your needs. We will also help you contact that person or persons.

Our main goal, always, is to help kids. And, helping you get accurate information and appropriate expertise ultimately helps all of our nation’s young people.

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