Too often, as students grow older, they begin to compare themselves to others, believing that others are smarter, more “gifted” and imaginative. It is our hope that the “Writer’s Tools: Imagination Power” slideshow will help students understand that everyone has an imagination, everyone is creative in their own unique way. These slideshows celebrate curiosity and exploration, challenging students to find the time to think, play, experiment, fail, and dream, helping them to realize the wide breadth and depth of their imaginative abilities. The slides also challenge students to use their imaginations to understand the perspectives of others, to walk in another’s shoes, see the world through another’s eyes. Empathy and compassion cannot exist without imagination.

The art and text in the “Writer’s Tools: Imagination Power” slideshow provides sample scenarios for students that broaden and deepen their imaginations, hopefully expanding their vision, understanding, and compassion. The “Let’s Write! Imagination Power” slideshow includes five writing exercises that encourage students to combine their imaginative abilities with research skills, creating believable stories that capture readers’ attention and keep them reading.

Teacher Tip! Please preview the slideshows and educator guide before sharing with your students so you can determine which activities and exercises will best meet the needs of your class.

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handouts | Bibliography

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handouts | Bibliography

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