A Great Read is the hilarious picture book you asked your dad to read, “Again!” and “Again!”

A Great Read is the paperback you tucked inside your open geography textbook, risking your teacher’s wrath, because you couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the next chapter.

A Great Read is the book that you “sneaked read” under the bed covers with a flash light, hours after your parents thought you were sound asleep.

A Great Read is a page-turner. It can entertain, comfort, validate, disturb, cause you to question, open new worlds, help you rediscover your own backyard—the best Great Reads do all of those things and more.

A Great Read may, or may not, be great literature, but sharing Great Reads is the best way to turn kids into lifelong readers.

We know families and teachers are always looking for Great Reads for their kids, so we decided to ask some experts —authors and illustrators who daily create their own books for kids— to share their favorite reads. Some of our authors and illustrators are new to the children’s book world; some are experienced veterans. Some work with big, international publishers; some work with small publishers. All are committed to doing the best work they can for all of our children. They share their favorite Great Reads with joy, and in turn we hope you will take a look at their books, too!

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Books Created by the NCBLA

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Booklists Created by the NCBLA

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Check out these interviews with Chris Crutcher, Nikki Grimes, Steven Kellogg, Katherine Paterson, and Tanya Lee Stone conducted by students in the Perry Local Schools.

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