R. Gregory Christie
R. Gregory Christie is just one of our many Great Reads participants.

We have designed our Great Reads campaign to creatively address the most frequent question posed by family members and teachers—“What books will interest my kids in reading?”

For Great Reads, the NCBLA asked dozens of authors and illustrators of books for young people—emerging and established—to recommend one of their very favorite books for kids or teens. We had two requests. First, their book recommendation could not have been written or illustrated by themselves. And second, they had to send us a photo of themselves holding that very special book. The results of our participating authors’ and illustrators’ efforts is the rotating gallery of photographs showcasing those special books and displayed on our Home page.

We hope you will take some time to check out all the authors and illustrators in our Great Reads gallery. Be sure to click each photo to read why each author and illustrator recommends his or her book choice and to learn more about their own work.

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To see a list of all the Great Reads author and illustrator recommended books (listed alphabetically by recommended age ranges), click here.

For authors, illustrators, or publishers who want to become involved in our Great Reads campaign:
Our goal is to add authors and illustrators to our Great Reads Campaign on a regular basis. To be considered, authors and illustrators must have published at least two quality books. In addition, they need to be nominated by their publisher. Publishers must be a member of the Children’s Book Council. Please send an email with your recommendation to info@thencbla.org.