The Writing Workshop: Getting Started slide shows provide an overview of basic writing concepts and story elements. They are works-in-progress, but we trust they are developed enough to give a good idea of their intent and direction.

The Writing Workshop: Focus on Dialogue slide show was created as a prototype, complete with a companion educator guide and supporting materials, to demonstrate the quality of the finished supporting materials that will be created for each slide show. The Writing Workshop: Focus slide shows will eventually include shows offering in-depth discussions of characterization; plot; setting, time, and place; descriptive writing, etc. Additional slide shows will demonstrate how these storytelling elements are equally important in fiction and nonfiction writing.

This section currently includes the following slide shows. Click on a slide show title or scroll down to see all the Writing Workshop resources.

Each slide show will be accompanied by an educator guide to ensure teachers are able to maximize the content with their students. You can check out these draft versions of each slide show by clicking the right arrow.

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Getting Started: Power Words

Getting Started: Show Don’t Tell

Story Basics: What Is a Story?

Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka on the Internet Archive

SAMPLE 1. Direct Link to the Online Book:

To view the interactive, page-turner version of Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka on the Internet Archive, click here.

SAMPLE 2. Image from the book with a direct link:

Online Yo! Yes? Interactive Book Turner
CLICK THIS IMAGE to read from the interactive, page-turner version of Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka on the Internet Archive.