Your experiences are an essential part of your knowledge base. They are also your launchpad, your point of embarkment to your emotional universe. It is your emotional reaction to your experiences, churning and mixing with your accumulated knowledge and learning, that creates wisdom, and hopefully, empathy. At the heart of all good writing is emotional truth. It is a writer’s emotional truth that imbues his or her work with authenticity. It is empathy, the ability to understand and connect to others, that allows writers to create work that is heartfelt and true.

Below are two Empowering Young Writers slideshows: “Writers’ Tools: Experience and Memory” and “Let’s Write! Experience and Memory.” The first slideshow explores how each person’s own unique experiences and memories can provide a wealth of content to develop in their own writing. The “Let’s Write!” slideshow provides additional discussion questions and includes four writing exercises.

Teacher Tip! Please preview the slideshows and educator guides before sharing with your students so you can determine which activities and exercises will best meet the needs of your class.

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handouts | Bibliography

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handouts | Bibliography

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