If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, coach, scout or activity leader, camp or recreation counselor, pediatrician, social worker, Big Brother or Big Sister—if you are over eighteen and live, work, or interact with young people—you are in a unique position to influence the young people in your life. We want to help you connect kids to books. We want to help you encourage kids to view, and participate in, reading and writing as a pleasurable experience.

Only half of our nation’s children are read to by a parent, and fewer live in language-enriched environments. Many children have not been introduced to their public library, and many more do not visit the library on a regular basis. Because you have freely chosen to give of yourself and your time to young people, your gift is extraordinary and your influence cannot be underestimated. If you choose to take the time to share your love of books with a child or teen, introduce them to their neighborhood library, or participate in activities that encourage reading and writing, you will be giving the kids you interact with an invaluable lifetime gift.

We thank you for taking the time to work and play with our children. We want to do everything we can to support you in your efforts. We have created the Mentor Handbook with that goal in mind.

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