Characters, like real people, have needs, dreams, and goals. Like real people, they are imperfect and fallible. Characters change and grow, sometimes in a positive direction, sometimes not. Characters often experience a myriad of emotions and feelings dealing with circumstances—just like your students!

Two slideshows focused on characterization are provided below. The “Creating Characters” slideshow uses characters from favorite kids’ books to demonstrate how the best and most interesting characters are not perfect, but imperfect. This slideshow also provides guidance on how kids can create their own characters, demonstrated through multiple text excerpts. The “Let’s Write! Creating Characters” slideshow includes three writing exercises to help students see how a character’s traits, actions, dialogue, and inner thoughts can help them develop their characters as they write a story. This show ends with a review of “Peer Group Critique Guidelines” and the “Story Elements Checklist.”

Teacher Tip! Please preview the slideshows and educator guides before sharing with your students so you can determine which activities and exercises will best meet the needs of your class.

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handout | Bibliography

RESOURCES: Educator Guide | Handouts | Bibliography

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