Patience as a Virtue!

During this year’s Coronavirus pandemic, our nation’s adult population is NOT practicing many of the “character” traits taught in elementary school, if truth be told.  Sure, we are working hard to find a cure or a treatment.  We are caring for the sick and manufacturing PPE.  We are re-evaluating commerce and trade.  Yet, how are … Continued

Let Literacy Be Thy Focus!

Parents and educators, NCBLA understands that during a public health crisis AND a time of societal upheaval it is very hard to focus on matters of literacy.  However, due to the importance of literacy, and the manner in which high literacy levels help us “back out of” societal ills, let us think of ways we … Continued

Where is Education and Literacy in our Public Conversations?

Have you heard a great deal about our Nation’s reading levels, education status, or literacy of any kind – civic, media, or communicative – during this campaign season?  Probably not.  As The Atlantic (Adam Harris) said last fall, “substantive conversation about the fundamental reform of education in America (is taking) a back seat to health … Continued

Anti-Intellectualism and Solutions Thereto?

No matter your political leanings, if you are watching any of the impeachment trial, take a look at the tables for the two sides.  On the House table, there is ream after ream of evidence and books and papers.  On the President’s table is just a few notebooks.  Also, listen to the speeches.  The House … Continued

Thoughts (Solutions?) on the Recent NAEP Exams

Unfortunately, recent National Assessment of Educational Progress exams reveal disturbing patterns. In more than half of these united states, 8th grade student reading scores declined.  In seventeen states, 4th grade reading scores dropped.  Overall, only 35 percent of fourth graders were proficient in reading in 2019, down from 37 percent in 2017; 34 percent of … Continued

Remember Fun Books During National Literacy Month!

September is National Literacy Month!  Have you perused the creative and varied ways literacy-based organizations are celebrating the month? If so, you will have picked up on an interesting tidbit; there is not a body that sponsors and promotes the day, as in Read Across America or Teen Read Week (perhaps such sponsorship is a … Continued

Promoting Reading As School Starts Back

August and September are hectic months for educators, students, and parents.  Classes are starting again, and many times the fun summer reading habit is placed on the back burner, unfortunately.  What can students, parents, and educators do to keep engaged reading habits flowing amidst curricular “rigor,” soccer practice and games, and this traditional time of … Continued

Reading Dangerously

At the recent 2019 American Library Association annual conference, held in Washington, D.C., the Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) celebrated its 50th year in action!  What a fifty years of full-steam advocacy and action it has been, the organization working tirelessly to defend and support the First Amendment. What does the First Amendment and FTRF … Continued

The Good, the Bad, the Human Being, and the Importance of Children’s Books

Last night, I viewed the movie about Astrid Lindgren’s early life, entitled Becoming Astrid.   I learned that Ms. Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking and namesake for the world’s largest award for children’s and young adult literature, experienced quite an earth-shattering adolescence.  Despite the religious and societal norms of the times, she exhibited a hero-like sense … Continued

Of Academia and…Football?

Recently, I visited my alma mater’s University Bookstore.  Shockingly, I found the books had been moved into a corner, and the football paraphernalia stood where a plethora of books once welcomed learners and visitors in search of a well-stocked bookstore (in a town in which all the bookstores had closed).  I became incensed and asked to … Continued