Reflections on the Love of Reading

In past blogs, we have discussed the need to make reading fun for children, in order to increase reading frequency and comprehension skills. During this St. Valentine’s celebration month, why not reflect upon why we “fall in love” with reading? First, reading takes one out of this world and into another.  We know many of … Continued

“Big” Reads in Public Schools

Each year the National Endowment for the Arts awards grants to libraries, universities, and literacy centers across the nation as they prepare for a community read, known as the BIG READ.  This year, funding has been received by organizations from the White Bear Center for the Arts in White Bear Lake, Minnesota (promoting The Bear … Continued

Look at this international reading interest infographic!

I recently ran across this fascinating analysis of reading habits across the globe (as of 2021)! Compiled by Global English Editing, it is a stunner design-wise.  So much information on one page! What we can immediately discern from the infographic is that literacy is a complex subject! There are so many factors to consider: … Continued

Who Can Prove “Reading for Fun” is Best?

Literacy professionals know it’s true.  Budding readers know it’s true.  Policy makers probably know it’s true (but try to ignore it for some reason). Now you will know, too!  Reading is best, and does the most good, when it is nothing but fun – downright pleasure.  Don’t just take my word for it – stand … Continued

Reading Is Fun! Says Who?

Literacy professionals – librarians, reading specialists, teachers – know that reading should be seen as nothing but fun, instinctively and intrinsically!  Who else out there knows? Well, here is a start.  Be sure to access these support groups as you lead reading programs in YOUR community. National Children’s Book Reading Alliance – That’s us!  Our … Continued

High Literacy Levels: Santa’s Gift Bag

As I considered this month’s blog, I browsed back through this year’s postings and discovered many gifts (to share with you at Christmas, of course).  The gifts I found are jaw-dropping and eye-popping, if we really think about them.  They are all included, proven/supported, and discussed in our 2022 NCBLA blogs (so I hope you … Continued

School Systems Around the World

It’s that time! The beginning of the academic school year! Such a turn of the calendar makes one reflect upon what is “working” in schools and/or the field of education, globally, especially after the “end,” of sorts, of an international pandemic in which children were forced to take extensive periods of time AWAY from classrooms.  … Continued

Children’s Books in the Home

Let us ponder:  Just how important is a home library filled with children’s books a to a child’s literacy development? Scholar Marina Puglisi states frankly in her 2017 article in Scientific Studies in Reading:  The home literacy environment is a well-established predictor of children’s language and literacy development. Her findings reveal that storybook exposure influences the development … Continued

The Celebration is Over; Now, Let’s Reflect

In April, we celebrated School Library Month. The American Association of School Librarians disseminated public relations announcements, flyers, bookmarks, and videos on multiple platforms. One press release highlighted Tom Angleberger’s impression of school libraries:  “A school library is like a Bat Cave: it’s a safe fortress in a chaotic world, a source of knowledge and … Continued

Literacy: Qualitative Measures

Last month, we spoke to the detrimental financial consequences associated with high rates of illiteracy. This month, let’s speak to qualitative measures. As Gary Paulsen states in Shelf Life: Stories by the Book, books saved his life.  Before he became a proficient reader (and writer), he was so was afraid of others, he “could not make his … Continued