Mary Brigid Barrett
President and Executive Director

Read Mary Brigid Barrett’s bio.

Geri Zabela Eddins
Assistant Director, Program Director

Geri Zabela Eddins is Assistant Director and Program Director of the NCBLA. Geri is a voracious reader who has indulged a lifelong passion for the written word in her education, work, and volunteer experiences. She is thrilled to be actively engaged in promoting literacy through her communications, website, and project and event planning tasks for the NCBLA. Geri’s additional career experience includes over twenty five years as a technical writer and editor in the computer software industry. Her volunteer experience includes working with children in classrooms and tutoring ESL students at the town library. Geri holds both a BA and MA in English. She lives in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Rock

Elizabeth Rock is an editorial illustrator and freelance designer. She is almost entirely unknown for her unique body of work, a collection which veers between impenetrable allegorical representations of vague concepts and miniscule, illegible drawings done most commonly on cocktail napkins, paper placemats, and the small, torn-off corners of things. Learn more at

Christopher Eddins
Graphic Designer

Graphic Design student Christopher Eddins offered creative advice and assistance regarding various visual elements for this website, including the Great Reads photographs.

Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. Ltd

The NCBLA’s Accountant

951 North Main Street
Providence, RI 02904
Tel: 401-274-2001

Additional Acknowledgements

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