Reflections on the Love of Reading

In past blogs, we have discussed the need to make reading fun for children, in order to increase reading frequency and comprehension skills.

During this St. Valentine’s celebration month, why not reflect upon why we “fall in love” with reading?

First, reading takes one out of this world and into another.  We know many of us, across the nation and globe, need that other place – in order to imagine a better life.  We also need a worldview, for, many times, and more-and-more, the world is very small.

When we read, we are not alone – we co-habitat with others – characters, places, times.  We are in another’s surroundings, within and part of another life.  We belong.

And, we are touched, emotionally, learning to expect, navigate, and manage strong human feelings, using them for our benefit, not our detriment.

Why do you love reading?

Talk about entertainment – entertainment that stays with us, makes us reflect and remember and read again.  We in fact find life-long interests as a result of this intrigue and joy.

Fires begin and burn bright within our mind.  Our intellect is stimulated and wants to know more.

Reading is comfortable.  We go as slow or fast as we want.  We plop down in a chair, a covey, or a rocker and no one is looking…or evaluating…or judging…or talking a mile-a-minute.

We know this choice is good for us – it helps us grow, imagine, find joy, empathize, fantasize, manifest, find ways to work through challenges, and be prepared for what comes next.

What’s not to love?