High Literacy Levels: Santa’s Gift Bag

As I considered this month’s blog, I browsed back through this year’s postings and discovered many gifts (to share with you at Christmas, of course).  The gifts I found are jaw-dropping and eye-popping, if we really think about them.  They are all included, proven/supported, and discussed in our 2022 NCBLA blogs (so I hope you read them)!  🙂

High literacy levels, for any geographical region of our earth, brings such “good-will,” a whole-host of gifts just waiting to be opened! It is a bit like having Santa’s gift bag sitting in the middle of our collective living room. Will we open the gifts, or simply ignore them for other pursuits?

Reading brings many gifts!

First, on an intellectual basis, men and women who enjoy high literacy levels open up:  a higher-quality of education, a well-developed knowledge base, an enlightened world-view.

Emotionally, and socially, highly literate individuals enjoy enhanced intergenerational relationships, excellent relationships with one’s neighbors – quality relationships in general.

Individually, a sense of independence is developed when we read and write at high levels, as is a desire to learn, better means of employment, the love of reading (escapism), and the hope needed for everyday living.

Collectively, if we develop large numbers of literate citizens, we build more libraries, run better businesses, share an increased standard of living, and enjoy a higher GNP.

Read back through this year’s blogs to learn more and share this good news, these freely given gifts from Santa’s stuffed (literacy) bag of goodies.