Promoting Reading As School Starts Back

August and September are hectic months for educators, students, and parents.  Classes are starting again, and many times the fun summer reading habit is placed on the back burner, unfortunately.  What can students, parents, and educators do to keep engaged reading habits flowing amidst curricular “rigor,” soccer practice and games, and this traditional time of “super” activity?

Lay aside extraneous activities - make reading with children and students a priority!
Lay aside extraneous activities – make reading with children and students a priority!

First, consider what is the REAL priority.  What will help increase a young one’s vocabulary, intellect, empathetic behavior, and imagination?  None other than reading!!  Place this placard on the refrigerator:


Second, schedule a daily time for pleasure reading, reading together aloud as a family, and book discussion!

Third, provide reading guidance one to the other.  Both in class and at home, jot down ideas for new books to read.  Discuss what books are just out, what books should be read next, what books moved your soul.

Fourth, visit your local public library as an enjoyable family outing.  Turn off the TV and take a stroll to the local indie.

Fifth, figure out a way to tie pleasure reading to school requirements.

Sixth, visit your child’s school library and browse the shelves with your special child.  Show your child(ren) just how important the school library is as you take the time to visit 3-4 times a year.

Seventh, read books with your child in which the characters, via their struggles, trials, and triumphs, vicariously teach students how to navigate the everyday world of public school.

Most of all, while having so much fun, keep your understanding of just how important this activity is to a young child’s development in the forefront of your daily thoughts and efforts.