Updates to NCBLA Inauguration Kit Posted!

As indicated in last week’s blog, the NCBLA Inauguration Kit is perfect for sharing, and learning from, the memorable moments specific to Presidential inaugurations, past and present!  lincoln

The Kit has been updated for 2017, for, come January 20th, US history will be made, again!  Allow your students/patrons/children to be eyewitnesses to history, as it happens, by participating in the “I SPY” Inauguration activity.  In this game, young people can watch the Inauguration with an “eye” for major players in our government, checking a scorecard for each civil servant “spyed” as they watch the parade, the swearing-in, the speeches, and the inaugural ball.  Hopefully, this activity will inspire students to be “ever watchful” over those who would seek to govern our great Nation, per our Founder’s hopes and admonitions!  To learn more about this activity, and print out the associated Scorecard, click here.

The Presidential Fact Files page, found within the Kit, has also been updated to include information on the background of our forthcoming President.  This article may be found at this link.

As American history enters a new chapter this week, allow the next generation an opportunity to understand and build upon that history, (in a truly informed and thought-provoking manner), by utilizing the NCBLA’s up-to-date, civic-oriented, and interdisciplinary Presidential Inauguration Kit!