The inauguration is upon us!  Do you need lesson plans, activities, discussion questions, and informed articles to share with your children as the inauguration approaches?  Why not use the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance’s Presidential Inauguration Kit?  Access it at the Alliance’s website, here, or in pdf, hereInaugural-Morning-by-AG-Ford-1020

Within the Kit’s pages, librarians and educators will find several intriguing articles surrounding inaugural traditions.  For example, discern how the specific date for Presidential inaugurations was established at Mary Brigid Barrett’s “Why Are Presidential Inaugurations Held on January 20th?”  Or, learn more about presidential precedents at Geri Eddins “The Presidential Oath of Office.”  Other articles include Heather Lang’s foray into technology’s effect on the inauguration and Renee’ Critcher Lyons’ description of Jefferson’s visionary, value-based, but quiet, inaugural speech.  Don’t forget:  each article includes associated discussion questions, additional reads, and interdisciplinary activities.

Stand-alone activities abound within the pages of the kit as well.  Examples include how to listen to the inaugural speech inquisitively and with pre-planned queries; hosting a “mock” inaugural ball, complete with recipes and clothing designs (what fun!);  and virtual field trips to the homes and birthplaces of former Presidents!

Finally, dig into a treasure trove of online resources, such as audio files of past inaugural speeches, the Library of Congress’s Presidential Inauguration page, and a fun Presidential Inauguration quiz from The National Archives!

It’s time for great pomp and flair, not only in Washington, D. C. but in the nation’s libraries and classrooms, too, all thanks to the NCBLA Presidential Inauguration Kit!