GREAT READS Spotlight: Jon Scieszka

Jon ScieszkaWhat GREAT READ does author and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Emeritus JON SCIESZKA recommend for young people? Bomb by Steve Sheinkin.

“When people talk about reading, they sometimes forget non-fiction. But great non-fiction can be every bit as amazing (and maybe more – because it’s true) than fiction. Sheinkin’s book about the atomic bomb is a great and exciting telling of an important historical story.”

Bomb (Roaring Brook Press, 2012) is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Be sure to check out Scieszka’s Frank Einstein series, illustrated by Brian Biggs (Amulet Books): Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor (2014), Frank Einstein and the ElectroFinger (2015), and Frank Einstein and the BrainTurbo (2015).

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