GREAT READS for Holiday Gift Buying

A GREAT READ is the hilarious picture book you asked your dad to read, “Again!” and “Again!” A GREAT READ is the paperback you tucked inside your open geography textbook, risking your teacher’s wrath, because you couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the next chapter. A GREAT READ is the book that you … Continued

Holiday Dinners: Avoiding the Kids’ Table Syndrome

  On holidays, I was always stuck at the kids’ table. The best china, crystal goblets, and elegant linens were placed on the grown-up table. The kids’ table was set with the everyday dishes, plastic cups, and lots of paper napkins. The grown-ups feasted on the choicest cuts of turkey and ham, creamy potatoes, savory … Continued


Check out the 2015 Parents’ Choice Book Awards for kids at: Any of these great books would make wonderful holiday gifts for the young people in your life!

Welcome to the NCBLA’s New Website and Blog!

Our new website is streamlined, redesigned, user friendly, and now, up and running! Have fun exploring the anchor of our new site, our Great Reads author gallery! We know families and teachers are always looking for Great Reads for their kids, so we decided to ask some experts —authors and illustrators who daily create their … Continued